Welcome to our Gallery. Have a browse around to learn more about how are products are designed to support you and your healthy body all through the tracks of a modern life. Meet your body with care.


There's a lot going on in the modern man's life. A man must remember he deserves comfort.


Our fabrics are sourced in the Mediterranean Basin of France and Italy, a place renouned for its luxurious climate and wellbeing of its rezidents. The Mediterranean cotton will treat your body with kindness, soft as well as resistant.


Cut and sewn by hand in our small workshop, we rework the fabrics into high-quality products that are meant to be part of your wardrobe for a long time. We don't believe in fast fashion, so be sure that your lounge wear will stand the test of time.


The modern man tends to think of his own body as a machine. As useful as that may be, we must always remember that the body is also a vessel. It can hold, but it can crack. Let it only overflow with comfort. 

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