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Calbau Bodywear is not just a clothing brand. Created earlier this year by a team that believes in responsibility, collaboration, comfort, kindness and, more than anything, in care for the body, Calbau is a community of people who come together under the same mission - to soothe the needs and educate the wants of the contemporary man.

The problem.

The modern man works day in and day out. He chases, he hustlses, he sweats, provides, hunts, he gathers, strikes a deal, he grunts, he drudges, he risks, he earns, he shares, he shakes hands, he drives off, he fights traffic, he makes it to his niece's school play. All for his loved ones, never for himself. The modern man is weary, and his body needs care.

Our Story.

Before we made anything happen, we too were caught in the same ardent pace of this fast-tracking world. Caught up in the fires of freelancing, we found the same weariness ever pressing on our shoulders. Late business calls never stopped, but they were also never quite welcome. The home had become an office, the coffee was always just a bit stale and old, the meetings kept popping, projects forever postponed their deadlines, the evening dinner was being replaced more and more often by brief snacks and cold takeaways. And our bodies felt the pressure. 

It's funny how little it actually takes to take a step back, breathe, and remind yourself you are not invincible. A warm cup of coffee can do the trick. An open window, showing the city staying still for a couple of seconds. The calm reclining in your studio seat as you quietly congratulate yourself for another finished project. It's these little moments that make up your day and keep you going. It's these small breaths that remind you to still visit your self from time to time, as you would a friend, and just ask how it's been.

To us, it's been the simple pieces of clothing. An old T-Shirt that reminded us of home, an old pair of unfashionnable joggers that would bring back comfort when the deadlines seemed to want to move in. It's then we first thought how little it takes to actually care for yourself. But could you do it in an educated, sustainable and stylish way as well?

Our Mission.

Briefly, briefs. 

We were looking to recreate that feeling of intimacy and warmth, but didn't plan to break the mold with wicked designs and shocking patterns. No. We wanted to look for the best fabrics out there and simply pull out a piece of clothing that could last for years and make you feel forever at home wearing it. That's how we stopped at loungewear and, of course, underwear. There are few things more discrete, intimate and personal than one incredibly comfortable pair of briefs, and we were already frustrated with the poor palette of choice out in the market. 

Mediterranean cotton

We briefly thought that in a sea of poorly matched colors and wild designs, we could take a stand, if only we employed a clean cut, an elegant, unflourished design, and the best cotton available out there. We started our search here, and it was with these first samples received of the exquisite Mediterranean cotton that's carefully woven in the South of France and Italy - that our minds were set. 

We were going to start, a small enterprise determined to bring comfort back in the modern man's daily life, with as little as it takes. It was a brief thought at first, a few months ago, and now it has matured in a briefs store.

Thank you for being part of our journey and for taking the time to read our small story. We're here out of the desire to challenge today's violent market with calm, kindness and patient crafting. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for the rarest of updates on how we're expanding and what future projects we will launch and, if you enjoy our work so far, support our brand and show yourself some care with the smallest of orders. Exclusively on